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5 Ways to Support a Grieving Friend When You Can’t Relate

Have you ever found yourself wanting to be totally there for a grieving friend but then realize you have no idea what to say or how to best support them? We all have hard things happen in life, but they are rarely the exact same hurts or circumstances as our friends. More times than not, the things my sweet friends are going through are things that haven't touched my life.  As friends who value our relationships, we want to show love and support no matter if we've been through the same type of storm or not. Personally, I have desired to step into the mess with the people I care about, and I have been the recipient of Christ-like love in the midst of my own suffering. Through these seasons, I have learned a few things and wanted to share them today.

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Breaking Down In The Midst of Struggle – You Are Never Alone

When I was a teenager, I went through many dark days where I felt I was at my end. I didn't know the Lord yet, and I felt totally alone and misunderstood. The way I dealt with that angst and frustration was to wreck things... And myself.