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Breaking Down In The Midst of Struggle – You Are Never Alone

When I was a teenager, I went through many dark days where I felt I was at my end. I didn't know the Lord yet, and I felt totally alone and misunderstood. The way I dealt with that angst and frustration was to wreck things... And myself. 

Being A Christian, Christian Parenting, Faith, Homeschool, Jesus, Obedience, Prayer, Single Mom

Obedience – Trusting and Following God even when it doesn’t seem to make sense

God calls His children to obey. Just as we expect our own children to obey us. While we usually have our children's best interests at heart, we can sometimes have selfish motives for wanting our children to do as we say. Being obedient to the Lord is different in that we can always trust that He will do what is best in our lives, for He knows and holds our future.

Being A Christian, Christian Parenting, Finances, Prayer, Single Mom

Being a Good Steward as a Single Mom

Today I wanted to talk about finances. Most of us single moms took a financial step back when we became single. The majority of mom's I have gotten to know are now low income, although there are a few who have been very well provided for. I have come to realize that both are a blessing from the Lord.  My sisters who are well taken care of financially are women who choose to use the resources given to her for the glory of God. While the ones who find themselves now as low income have used this season as an opportunity to depend fully on the Lord and live completely by faith. Both situations glorify the Lord, and isn't He good to use every situation to work in our lives and in the lives of others through us!